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Personal Training

Personal Training

I specialise in home fitness training after taking part in a bikini fitness contest at the age of 47 where I mostly homed trained not touching a gym. I want to prove you do not need a gym to get a good body…

The beauty with one to one training with me means not only do you get my full attention you get a tailor made workout for your individual body needs. It’s not one size fits all. I get completely that we all have different problem areas.

My fitness knowledge is vast as I’ve not only trained myself to run a marathon I’ve also got my body contest ready to wear a bikini on stage.

If I can do this then I can teach you how to get a good, fit, healthy body one that you will love. It’s not just about weight loss with me as it’s health over weight. I take a holistic approach to my clients fitness & health.

I come to you & bring everything we need for our training session. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home if you don’t want to. This is great if you have young children & struggle to get out of the house to train.

I’ve had 3 children myself & know of the daily struggles to juggle family life & looking after & taking care of your body.

Personal training


Power Yoga

I am a self taught yoga instructor I have been practicing Power Yoga myself for this will be my 4th year. I LOVE this added extension to my exercise bow. I highly recommend this beautiful exercise that slows everything down & stretches everything out.

I can honestly say taking up yoga has helped me to feel ageless. It’s given me an inner peace. I am as flexible now as when I was in my younger years. Your mind cleansed & your body feels like a “elastic band” is the best way I can describe how my body feels after a yoga session.

It’s added so much value to my life in all areas & I LOVE teaching it. If you want to feel relaxed, flexible & younger then this class is for you. 45minute classes.

Free trial session (Wednesday evenings only).

£10 per class discounts available ask me for details.

I offer 1 hour FREE consultation (worth a whopping £60.00!) so book your FREE consultation here.

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