I am a fitness & wellness coach specialising in home & online fitness.

I provide busy females with personalised 121 coaching to help her to achieve a healthy active strong body that she will love & look forward to growing older in.

My mantra: I get better as I grow older.

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Are you happy with your body?

If you could change one thing about your body what would it be? Maybe it wouldn’t be just one thing, maybe it would be two, or three, or everything?

If the first thing you did when you read that question was start creating a list of all the changes you would make then you’re not alone and that’s the problem. We live in a world where we’re encouraged to live decadent lifestyles, and then reprimanded and shamed for the effect those lifestyles have on our bodies.

Our media outlets show us alternating images of fat laden food and stick thin models and expect us to be able to reconcile the two; when we can’t do so we’re trapped in a cycle of physical and emotional misery.

I’m here to tell you that the cycle can be broken. Having the ‘perfect body’ doesn’t mean being a certain size or shape – it means fuelling your physical and emotional needs with good food and a healthy lifestyle.

You may think you’ve heard this all before and that body-confidence will never be a reality for you but it can be and, with my help, it will be…

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