Ready for a life changing lesson in fashion?

Ok, here goes:


  1. Don’t 
  2. Listen 
  3. To 
  4. The
  5. Haters
  6. Wear
  7. Whatever
  8. Makes 
  9. You
  10. Happy!

The idea that there are things that we should and shouldn’t wear because of our age or size or anything else for that matter is old fashioned and, quite frankly, ridiculous. 

When I get dressed there’s one thing foremost in my mind and that’s comfort. I’m very lucky as a trainer and coach that I get to make my own rules with regards to company attire and my rules are that clothes should allow you to move and make you feel comfortable.

I often advise my clients to put on their workout gear first thing in the morning if they’re not going straight to the office. That way they can clean the house, run errands, drop the kids at school or whatever else needs doing, and then be ready for their workout. I know from experience that the thought of having to go home and get changed can be surprisingly off-putting when it comes to fitting in your workout so make sure you’re ready to go!

Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up and I take great pride in my appearance, but I find that there is so much beautiful workout gear around these days that I no longer have to make a choice between sporty and chic, I can be both! 

For those people who worry that workout gear is expensive, think again – even supermarket and other cost effective brands now employ the latest in sweat wicking and stretch fabrics, combined with gorgeous design to help you exercise your sexy side. 

I don’t wear workout gear 7 days a week of course, but on those days that I am exercising I find that looking and feeling good are fantastically motivating.

So here are my top tips for wonderful workout wear:


The weather in the UK Is changeable to say the least so make sure you’re prepared for anything by layering your look. A good supportive sports bra is a must to prevent pain and injury. Add to this a light and flowing vest or tshirt to give a little protection without overheating. Grab a thinnish hoodie or jumper on top for the warm up and cool down period, as well as a bit of cover when you’re running errands. Then make sure you’ve got a warm and/or waterproof layer in the back of the car in case the weather turns really nasty.


Ah leggings, my favourite attire! They don’t need to be expensive but they do need to be sport specific as these are made with extra stretchy material and reinforced at the crotch. The last thing you want is to hear a tearing sound mid squat! I also like to have a cropped pair for summer, as shorts feel a little too casual on the high street.


Oh dear, I have a bit of a trainer problem! Because I like to do so many different sports, I have a trainers designed for different types of exercise, plus heavy duty ones for muddy boot camps. If you’re a fan of walking or light exercise then go for comfort above all else, but if you’re a runner or even jogger then I really recommend saving up for a high quality pair and getting them from a pro shop where they can measure your gait and advise you on what’s best. Foot health is incredibly important regardless of age and trainers are essential for preventing injury.


I don’t go as far as to hand wash my workout wear because I’m honestly too busy. However, I do put them on a delicate cycle and I never EVER tumble dry them. Good workout gear is a blessing so take care of it the best you can.