Personal Training

Personal Training

I specialise in home fitness training after taking part in a bikini fitness contest at the age of 47 where I mostly homed trained not touching a gym. I want to prove you do not need a gym to get a good body…

The beauty with one to one training with me means not only do you get my full attention you get a tailor made workout for your individual body needs. It’s not one size fits all. I get completely that we all have different problem areas.

My fitness knowledge is vast as I’ve not only trained myself to run a marathon I’ve also got my body contest ready to wear a bikini on stage.

If I can do this then I can teach you how to get a good, fit, healthy body one that you will love. It’s not just about weight loss with me as it’s health over weight. I take a holistic approach to my clients fitness and wellness needs.

In my home or online bespoke fitness sessions, I teach many styles of training including:

  • Life coaching to address any self doubt
  • Anxieties and barriers with positive mindset strategies
  • Body weight exercises including HIIT and bootcamp style workouts
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Weights and resistance bands.

I’ve had 3 children myself & know of the daily struggles to juggle family life & looking after & taking care of your body.

Personal training

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